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Please contact Hindmarsh Landcare Network Coordinator: Ph: 03 5391 4444 or Mobile: 0429 006 936

 Current Projects
 Project Hindmarsh Community Planting Weekend
 Wettenhall Foundation Interactive Mapper

Stockfood & Sustainability.
Saltbush rows
Perfect for Landcare meetings!
Biodiversity is Balance.
What to expect from the website
Landcare members will be able to access a variety of useful information from this site, including grant and funding applications, files and other resources relating to sustainable agriculture, government policy affecting primary producers, training courses and seminars, forms and information packs from government departments ie 1080 documentation etc. As the site develops, there will be opportunities for groups to have dedicated pages which relate specifically to their own individual projects and contain information sought and requested by members. The website can become an excellent communication resource where people can share and discuss ideas, promote events and projects and learn from each other.

It is important that we take advantage of this opportunity to present ourselves on the web via this quality site and contribute ideas, articles, proposals and solutions to be shared by all.

Please contact the Hindmarsh Landcare Network Coordinator - Ph. 03 5391 4444 Mob. 0429 006 936

Download Files
 Climate Change -Challenging Opportunities
 Farmers leading the way.
 Soil Carbon Future.
 A new perspective on Carbon
 Pasture Cropping
 Pasture Cropping Powerpoint presentation- Colin Seis.
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