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The Policy Document is an important management tool - it provides established rules, guidelines, precedents and decisions for the use of councillors and officers. Policies provide a guide and encourage consistency in decision making. They will however, change over time and require amendment. Policies have no legal backing; nor do they bind a Council to any particular decision. Policy manuals are expensive to prepare and revise.

The philosophy of this Policy Document is that councillors set overall policy direction and strategy through the Council Plan and budgetary process. Staff are employed to implement the Council’s decisions via the Chief Executive Officer. The Council reviews the performance of the Chief Executive Officer (via agreed indicators) and continually refines and adjusts its overall direction. Procedures and rules are developed to guide staff activity. Staff provide an overall strategy but mainly focus on implementation. This is consistent with the principle that the Council establishes the ‘big picture’ and empowers officers to pursue implementation.

A policy is a broad and general guide to action which constrains or directs goal attainment. It does not dictate what action should be taken, but provides the boundaries within which objectives can be pursued. A procedure is a series of related steps or tasks expressed in chronological order to achieve a specific purpose. Rules require that specific and definite actions be taken with respect to a given situation.
 Policy - Acknowledgement of the Wotjobaluk Community
 Policy - Building Fee Refunds
 Policy - Caretaker Policy
 Policy - Confidentiality of Reports & Discussions
 Policy - Council Document Security
 Policy - Councillor Code of Conduct
 Policy - Disability Access
 Policy - Environmentally Friendly & Recycled Products
 Policy - Essential Safety Measures Maintenance
 Policy - Fees for Community Use of Public Spaces
 Policy - Gift to Outgoing Mayor
 Policy - Gifts & Bribery
 Policy - Grants - Community Facilities & Local Contributions
 Policy - Landcare Rate Rebate
 Policy - Loans to Community Organisations
 Policy - Media
 Policy - Nhill Memorial Community Centre Committee
 Policy - Planning Fees - Refund/Waiver
 Policy - Positive Cash Balance
 Policy - Purchasing
 Policy - Road Management Plan
 Policy - Roadside Management Strategy
 Policy - Special Rates & Charges
 Policy - Street Closures for Private/Public Functions
 Policy - Tendering
 Policy - Town Committees - Structure, Roles & Responsibilities
 Protected Disclosure Information

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