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The purpose of this policy is to:
Establish a consistent approach towards any requests for a reduction in the amount of fee payable for a building permit by any community based organisation

Community based organisation shall mean any group or organisation making decisions by and on behalf of a registered non profit community organisation that is eligible to apply for funding from Local, State and Federal Government sources


Eligibility for Refund of Fees Applicable to a Building Permit
A refund/rebate on fees payable to Council for a building permit to be issued by the Hindmarsh Shire will only apply in accordance with the following conditions:
No reduction to any Government body and is to be paid by all applicants for a building permit.
No reduction to any applicable building fee by any applicant where any Government funding applies to the full development
The building fee for any self funded community group project that is fully or partially funded by external Government sources, shall be not less than $85 or 50% of the fee determined by Council at its annual review as payable for those building works
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis
Any variation to this Policy will only be considered by Council on the recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer where exceptional circumstances are considered to exist.

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