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The Hindmarsh Shire Council consists of the councillors who are democratically elected by the electors of Hindmarsh Shire in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act). The role of the Council is to provide leadership for the good governance of Hindmarsh Shire. Councillors will;

comply with the rules of conduct;
treat all people with courtesy and respect, recognising that there are legitimate differences in opinions, race, culture, religion, language, gender and abilities;
act with integrity and honesty;
not misuse or derive undue benefit from their positions of trust;
exercise appropriate prudence in the use of public resources;
treat council information appropriately;
commit to making all decisions impartially and in the best interests of the whole community. It therefore recognises the importance of fully observing the requirements of the Act in regard to the disclosure of Interests and Conflicts of Interest.
support and encourage effective dispute resolution
commit to fair and democratic elections and therefore adopt and endorse the Statement of Caretaker Procedures; and
endorse the Code of Conduct.

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 Hindmarsh Shire Council: Councillor Code of Conduct (Revised February 2017)
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