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Council is required under various Acts (see References below) to ensure the security and confidentiality of the documents it receives and creates, including any copies made of those documents.

Most copies of council documents must be securely stored (ie in a locked filing cabinet) while in use and then destroyed (by shredding) when finished with. This will ensure sensitive material is not viewed by those unauthorised to access it. Under no circumstances should documents be placed in a rubbish bin or a recycle bin (unless shredded first).

Items printed from Council’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) InfoVision, closed sections of Council Agenda and Minute Papers are among the items that must be destroyed securely by shredding after use. A bin is located outside the Records strong room for documents that require shredding.

All original documents should be forwarded to Records for registration and storage.

• Public Records Act 1973
• State Archives Act 1983
• Crimes (Document Destruction) Act 2006
• Evidence (Document Unavailability) Act 2006
• Freedom of Information Act 1982
• Information Privacy Act (Victorian) 2000
• Evidence Act 1995

Public Records Office Victoria

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