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Hindmarsh Shire Council acknowledges the rights of all citizens to be fully participating members of the community. The Disability Access Policy is designed to address barriers to full community life that may be experienced by people with a disability. Hindmarsh Shire Council recognises that many barriers to access to the built environment and to services and activities can be eliminated with forethought and good planning. Hindmarsh Shire Council seeks to improve access to its facilities, information, processes and programs.

The title “Access Plan” and the concept of “access for liveability” were developed in recognition of the fact that disability is not the only factor that can affect accessibility and that `disability’ is not the most important thing about Wimmera citizens who happen to experience disability. The chief concern to be addressed by these plans is making our communities accessible to, and inclusive of, all citizens, whatever their ability.

The Access Plan seeks to underpin and promote the following:

• Development of a culture of inclusion
• Ensuring a physically accessible environment
• Councils compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act
• Leadership with regard to the development of an accessible and inclusive community

Policy Statements

Hindmarsh Shire Council will ensure that;

• the Council’s activities will aim to foster inclusive, accessible communities;
• the contributions and value of all citizens are recognised;
• all planning will consider the needs of people with a disability;
• Council will strive to provide infrastructure, facilities and services that are as accessible as possible to all members of the community;
• Council staff are informed about strategies to develop inclusion and access for all;
• Council’s Equal Opportunity Policy is implemented;
• public information is available and accessible to all;
• all citizens can participate in Council’s democratic processes;
• all public meetings, consultations, ceremonies and events undertaken or sponsored by Council are as accessible as possible; and
• Council encourages business, commerce, industry and community groups operating within the shire to meet their obligations to people with a disability.


Council Positive Ageing Plan
2007 - 2011 Council Plan


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 Disability Policy & Action Plan 2007 - 2010
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