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In order for Council to safeguard its interest on receipt of funding for community facilities it requires officers to enter into a formal arrangement with the relevant organisation to secure the local contribution.

Operating Guidelines & Procedures
Following acceptance by Council of a grant, Council officers will contact the successful club or organisation and ask them to meet with Council representatives. This meeting will set the timelines, responsibilities, finances etc as follows. Each grant application will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

• Both parties will appoint a “Project Manager” to oversee the project and to be the contact person for dealings between the two bodies.

• For all grant funds, Council will request that 50% of the club/organisation contribution be paid immediately prior to commencement of the works. A further contribution of 50% will be requested when the project is approximately half complete and any over expenditure of funds will be invoiced to the organisation following the completion of the project. Council will not fund any over-expenditure on projects without formal Council approval. Potential cost increases must be discussed and documented with the club or organisation as soon as possible, and the club or organisation may agree to scale back the project to meet budget and agreed contribution.

• Where a project requires a building or planning permit, the cost of the permit may be deducted from the grant funds held by Council.

• Council will pay all accounts and send copies to the club/organisation and grant funding body, with a list of payments made each month. This will ensure that costs are known to all parties and GST has been treated correctly. Clubs and organisations that are not registered for GST or are not a Section 86 Committee of Council will be charged GST on the contribution to works (excluding voluntary labour materials and plant hire)

• The club/organisation is to supply full details of voluntary labour, materials and plant hire used on the project on a monthly basis on the standard forms provided.

• Unless specified in the conditions of the grant, no deduction to grant funds will be made for Council’s project management.

• Council will not make any allowance for interest on monies received in advance from the club/organisation or from grant funds.

• The Council and club Project Managers will inspect the project at regular intervals and, on completion, a final inspection will be undertaken in conjunction with the club or organisation’s project manager. This inspection will sign off that the project has been completed to both parties expectation and satisfaction.

• Both the Council and club or organisation will sign an agreement confirming the arrangements for the grant acquittal process.

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