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Council regularly receives applications from community organisations to close roads for various functions and activities. It is incumbent on Council to ensure the health, safety and well being of all who wish to engage in this activity conducted on a Council Road Reserve. This objective is managed via the Road Closure Provisions of the Hindmarsh Local Law.

Operation Guidelines & Procedures
From a Risk Management perspective Council must identify any potential hazards associated with the activity then take measures to control them and ensure they are either eliminated or reduced to the low priority level.

Potential hazards to consider may include the following:
• Slippery surfaces,
• uneven ground,
• sprinkler heads,
• stormwater pit lids,
• electrical leads,
• raised footpath slabs, and
• holes in the road or nature strip etc.

It is very likely there will be no immunity at law for Council to rely upon when a Road Reserve is officially closed.

In general, any street closures should be set up and monitored by Council, ensuring that the appropriate signage and warning lights, if required, are in place. Similarly, signs, and any other apparatus, should be dismantled by Council.

The practice of residents setting up and dismantling signage and barricading is acceptable. However, Council will give the applicant accompanying instructions.

Regardless of who "sets up" Council will conduct a walk through physical inspection prior to the event to ensure Council’s infrastructure is to a suitable standard taking into account Risk Management issues. The inspection process will be documented, signed, dated and filed for future reference.

The Local Laws Officer will then be called on to monitor the area up until the signage and barricading is dismantled and then ensure the area is safe for ongoing use with no hazards/damages evident. Documentation of this process will be retained.

Street Closure application forms also include a provision for Liability Insurance with a matching indemnity

A Certificate of Currency must be supplied on request of Council.

By Council implementing the insurance provision in their permit, all parties exposed to liability should have adequate cover as well as knowing where they stand should any liability problems arise in the future.

In regards to road closures on major roads such as the Western Highway it should be noted that VicRoads requires that the Hindmarsh Shire Council is the responsible authority for the event and will be responsible for any damage to local streets caused by the detour of traffic from such major roads.

Hindmarsh Local Law
Risk Management Plan

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