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Council should recognise Township Committees as:
• It’s key township mechanism through which ongoing township priorities are obtained and reviewed, to enable quality liveable and viable communities.

Council should recognise township committees provide:
• A good local, informed approach to community input;
• A separate voice for local town’s people;
• A chance to provide feedback to Council – both   directly and indirectly; and
• A community feedback mechanism from Council.

Committees should be representative of the local community and should comprise of:
• A minimum of 6 persons in order to ensure representation and diversity of perspective; and
• representation from both commercial and community sectors

Roles of Township Committees
The key roles of the Township Committees are:

1. Township Plan
• To annually review and provide the committee’s priority for the urban township plan within a stated timeframe;
• to advise both council and the local community of an agreed project development process;
• to provide local project management support through obtaining indicative project costings, local project management and assisting with project implementation; and
• to annually review and reprioritise projects from within the plan to ensure they fit the capacity of the local resources and the needs of the community.

2. Advisory role to Council and local community;
• respond to shire request for township input;
• provide a focal point for the identification and articulation of Council needs and aspirations;
• advice on project resourcing; and
• provision of project feedback to local community.

Responsibilities of Township Committees
• to receive, review, understand, analyse and prioritise action from their respective urban design plans;
• to submit urban design plan priorities to council in line with shire budget planning timelines;
• to respond to Council within a 3 month timeframe of specific – on non-plan – requests;
• to meet at a minimum bi-monthly– preferably monthly;
• to forward all correspondence through one nominated Council Officer; and
• to ensure all details of committee members are up-to-date and lodged with the nominated council officer including, title; first name; last name; postal address; home telephone; work telephone; email contact

Roles and responsibilities of Hindmarsh Shire Council
• to provide all members of Township Committees with a copy of the respective urban design plan;
• to provide to all members, a copy of grant criteria for township funding;
• to inform Township Committees of annual timeframe requirements for;
a. project prioritisation; and
b. project indicative costings.
• to provide and send information to each individual on respective committees;
• to allow where possible, a minimum of 3 months reply time (recognising timeframe difficulties) for committees to adequately respond to council requests; and
• to formally acknowledge all correspondence received from Township Committees by the relevant Council Officer to the respective secretary within 5 days”.


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