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The Hindmarsh Shire Council will ensure in accordance with its Council Plan, that infrastructure assets support services that are appropriate, accessible, and responsive; and which provide a quality of lifestyle that balances the needs of the community, environmental and economic growth.

The Hindmarsh Shire Council believes that it is vital to promote sound and sustainable management of all assets, so that they provide good service, safety, and that life cycle costs are minimised. Council does not wish to leave an unreasonable burden for future generations.

Services that rely on sound asset management are:

Physical Roads and Streets, Parks and Gardens, Toilets, Offices, plant & equipment
Community Services Pre Schools, Senior Citizens, Libraries
Recreation Halls, Sporting Grounds, Swimming pools, park & gardens facilities
Tourism Caravan Parks, Museum
Waste Collection & Disposal transfer stations, waste & cleaning services plant & equipment
Good quality asset management encourages and promotes economical and social development, and a cross-functional management approach is required. Assets need to be regularly maintained and refurbished to ensure that;

they continue to meet the needs of the users and the community
the design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of assets reflect current standards
overall life-cycle costs are reduced; and
assets continue to function as built for their full life.

Effective asset management also:

makes the most of the service potential of assets by ensuring they are appropriately used and maintained
reduces the demand for new assets and saves money through demand management techniques (renewal techniques)
achieves greater value for money through economic evaluation of options that take into account life cycle and full costs, value management techniques and long term cost planning techniques
focuses attention on results by clearly assigning responsibility, accountability and reporting requirements
In considering any new asset investments, Council will consider the ongoing costs of maintenance and refurbishment of an asset over its life.

Council will continue to seek innovative and cost effective ways of using technology and improved work practices and processes to ensure all of its assets are managed in an efficient and effective manner, e.g. via Capital Budgeting processes.

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