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Road Opening Permits are required for the following works that are to be undertaken on the roadway:
Vehicular Crossings
Or any other works that will affect the existing road pavement or road reserve.

As a road manager, the Council requires residents, builders and organisations not exempt under the Road Management Act 2004, to apply to the Council for a Road Opening Permit. Activities requiring a Road Opening Permit include:
Vehicular crossings
Demolition of buildings impacting on pathways, and
Any other works that will affect the existing road pavement, surface, pathway or infrastructure road reserve located within the road reserve.

All works must be carried out in accordance with Council Permit Conditions. Existing surfaces must be reinstated to a similar or better level of service at the commencement of works. If the existing surfaces are not reinstated to Council requirements, Council has the right to reinstate the surface and charge the applicant.

An application fee will be charged on the nature and extent of the works that are to be undertaken. Fees range in price depending on the location and extent of works required.

Works must not commence until the application has been processed and a written permit is obtained. Enquiries should be directed to the Asset Manager on 5391 4444.


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