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The Hindmarsh Shire Council is one of six councils from the Wimmera region that form the Wimmera Regional Transport Group.

The Wimmera Regional Transport Plan was developed in March 2005.

The Wimmera Regional Transport Group is currently seeking Grant Funding for projects within the Shire with a total value of approximately ($6m).

The Wimmera Regional Transport Group consists of the following organisations:
 Buloke Shire Council
 Hindmarsh Shire Council
 Horsham Rural City Council
 Northern Grampians Shire Council
 West Wimmera Shire Council
 Yarriambiack Shire Council

The Wimmera Regional Transport Plan has been prepared to guide transport related infrastructure planning, development and implementation within the region.

There were a number of organisations that supplied information and contributed to the Wimmera Regional Transport Plan which include: Regional Agricultural Industry, Regional Transport Industry, Department of Infrastructure, Department of Sustainability and Environment, GrainCorp, Victorian Farmers Federation, Parks Victoria and Regional Tourism Industry.

The Wimmera Regional Transport Plan provides a framework for maintaining, improving and developing freight routes throughout the region to support safe and efficient movement of freight to producers, markets and ports.

The Transport Plan assesses current transport operations and forecasts future demands; it identifies planning actions and infrastructure projects that are required to ensure that economical and reliable movement of freight is achieved; the Transport Plan places particular emphasis on removal of constraints and support to growth industries.

The Transport Plan assesses the level of safety of the regional freight routes and identifies opportunities to improve safety levels and minimise risk to users.

The Wimmera Regional Transport Plan has been developed in response to the Federal Government’s decision to continue the Roads to Recovery program over 4 years from July 2005.
The outcomes of this Regional Transport Plan are defined as:
• Develop a transport plan having regard to the anticipated growth in the region
• Identify constraints that impact on the efficient and safe movement of freight through the region
• Identify issues relating to passenger movement through the region
• Develop strategies to overcome constraints and satisfy demand
• Identify project priorities
• Create opportunity for passenger movement improvements
• Identify implementation opportunities (funding) for identified projects
The Wimmera Regional Transport Plan, along with the Appendices can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant links below.

Download Files
 Wimmera Regional Transport Plan
 Wimmera Regional Transport Plan - Appendices 1 to 10
 Wimmera Regional Transport Plan - Appendix 11
 Wimmera Regional Transport Plan - Appendix 12 & 13
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