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How Your Rates Are Calculated
In determining rates, Hindmarsh Shire has adopted the Capital Improved Valuation Base throughout the shire. The Capital Improved Value for your property is calculated by an independent registered valuer, who takes into account the land value and improvements, such as sheds, buildings and fences. This is then multiplied by the rate in the dollar applicable to your property, and this is shown on your rate notice.
What Does Payment Of My Rates Cover?
Money raised from rates is used to provide a general benefit to the whole community. Rates funds works on local roads, signage, footpaths, environmental programs, recreation facilities, public toilets, roadside slashing and fire prevention to name a few.
Objection To A Valuation Of Your Property
If you have an objection to your property valuation, you can contact our Customer Service Staff who will refer your initial enquiry to our contract valuer. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can object to the valuation. Customer Service Staff can assist you further by providing information regarding the grounds for objection and the necessary paperwork. An objection to a valuation must be lodged within two months of the original valuation and rate notice being sent.

Valuations are undertaken every two years and the current valuations are a reflection of the market as at the latest revaluation.
Municipal Charges
All properties are charged a rate of $190.00 which helps pay for the unavoidable cost of Council's governance.

Financial Difficulty
If you are experiencing difficulty paying your rates and charges by the due instalment dates, please contact Amy Schnaars, Rates Coordinator on 03 5391 4444.
Pensioner Rebates
If you are the holder of an appropriate concession card (not a Health Care Card) and you are a permanent resident of the property, you may be eligible for a rebate on your rates. To be eligible for this concession you will need to present yourself to one of our Customer Service Centre's and bring with you your relevant concession card. Applications to claim a pensioner rebate can be made at any time during the year.
The Garbage Charge On Your Rates Notice
On rates notices you may find charges relating to garbage collection.

Council charges $323.00 for urban properties for garbage & recycling collection. This is a compulsory charge for all urban residential properties.

Rural properties are also charged $323.00 but this is only for properties wishing to use this service.

This charge covers the collection of garbage and recyclables from your property as well as the disposal, sorting and recycling of waste as applicable. This charge also funds the provision of waste and recycling infrastructure, including future rehabilitation of landfill sites.

* There is no recyclable collection available for rural properties*

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