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The Hindmarsh Coordinated Salinity Control and Monitoring Project has been ongoing successfully for eight years and continues to establish saltbush plantations and revegetation of indigenous native species in salt affected areas of the Northern Wimmera. The aims include increasing productivity of degraded lands, boosting community capacity to deal with salinity problems and developing awareness of the important issues surrounding salinity and it's numerous effects.
Saline ground is naturally occurring along the Wimmera River, and has been seriously exacerbated and expanded by over a century of land clearing. The planting of deep rooted and perennial species such as saltbush and locally indigenous species lower the water table and reduce the expansion of the saline areas.
The present project is funded to $130,000 by the Federal Government, administered by Wimmera CMA, with over $140,000 of in kind support from farmers.

Deep rooted perennials lower the water table.
Road side
The Northern Wimmera is naturally salty country.
Pink Lake
Sand dune with samphires.
Sand dunes
Photo supplied by Val Wilkinson

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 Salinity Management
 To Market To Market!
 Thumbs up for Saltbush.
 Multi Scale Mapping.
 A place for livestock in the war against salinity.
 Multitasking ewes!
 People eat that stuff!!?
 Perennial native grasses.
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