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State Government Legislative Assembly
Emma Kealy MPMember for Lowanwww.emmakealy.com

State Government Legislative Council
Mr David Koch MLCMember for Western Victoriawww.davidkoch.com.au
Mr David O'Brien MPMember for Western Victoriawww.davidobrienmlc.com.au
Ms Jaala Pulford MPMember for Western Victoriawww.parliament.vic.gov.au/members/id/1622
Mr Simon Ramsay MPMember for Western Victoriasimonramsay.com.au
Ms Gayle Tierney MPMember for Western Victoriawww.gayletierneymp.com

Commonwealth Government - House of Representatives
Mr John Forrest MPMember for Malleewww.jforrest.com

Commonwealth Government - Victorian Senators
Senator the Hon Kim Carr MPhttp://aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=AW5
Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldsonwww.michaelronaldson.com.au
Senator Richard Di Natalerichard-di-natale.greensmps.org.au
Senator the Hon Stephen Currywww.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=3L6
Senator Bridget McKenziewww.bridgetmckenzie.com.au
Senator John Madiganjohnmadigan.com.au
Senator Scott Ryanscottryan.com.au
Senator Gavin Marshallwww.gavinmarshall.org
Senator the Hon Jacinta Collinswww.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=GB6
Senator the Hon David Feenywww.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=I0O
Senator Mitch Fifieldwww.mitchfifield.com
Senator Helen Krogerwww.helenkroger.com.au



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