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Our Mission
"To provide positive role models who assist, target, engage and enhance the skills and life experiences of local young people."
What exactly is mates?
mates is a Mentoring Program which has been designed as a model which is easy and effective for all schools to implement at very little cost. mates matches students (Mentees) in school with a volunteer (Mentor) from the local community. In a changing world schools can’t do it alone. Communities have to work together to help support and nourish the variety of needs and capabilities of our young people.
What are the aims of mates?
The aims of the mates program are clearly contained in its acronym:
Mentor – to provide an additional positive role model in the lives of young people
Assist – to assist and extend the positive life experiences of young people
Target – to specifically target life and educational goals of young people
Engage – to engage young people more fully into their schools and local communities
Skills – to identify and enhance the skills of young people
Who can get involved?
mates draws on the strong support of the local community to be positive role models (Mentors) for students (Mentees). Mentors must be over 18 years old and meet Eligibility Criteria including getting a current Working with Children Check if they don’t already have one. Mentees must also meet Eligibility Criteria and are usually referred into the program by teachers. There is a screening process which means the Mentees are matched up with the best suited Mentor.
What is the time commitment?
To become involved in the program Mentors and Mentees have to commit to one year with two one hour ‘catch ups’ per month minimum.
Want to know more?
Please contact:  
Wimmera Southern Mallee Local Learning Employment Network
Mallee Building, Federation Univeristy, 289 Baillie Street Horsham, 3400
53 810 122 or 0408 810 124



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