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Large floods along the Wimmera River through the Hindmarsh Shire Municipality area generally occur as a result of moderate to heavy rainfall in the upper parts of the catchment to the south after a prolonged period of genral rainfall. Large floods most recently occured in 2010 and 2011 greatly affecting the towns of Jeparit and Dimboola as well as many of the roads cutting off access in the municipality.

The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee in conjunction with the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority has prepared the following flood documents:

 Final Flood Debrief Report Hindmarsh 2011
 Hindmarsh Shire Flood Emergency Document
 Dimboola Flood Study
 Dimboola Floodplain Management Plan
 Jeparit Flood Study
 Jeparit Floodplain Management Plan
 Flood Information Dimboola
 Flood Information Jeparit

These documents are currently being incorporated into Hindmarsh Shire Council Flood Emergency Plan and will be available online soon.


It is important that residents understand how to prepare for flooding. The following links provide essential information and tips for effective preparation:

 Flood Safe
 Storm Safe
 VicSES homepage
 Flood Victoria

The Wimmera CMA has conducted a number of flood studies and prepared flood maps for flood affected townships in the municipality. They all are available on the Wimmera CMA website.


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