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Duration of a heatwave can vary greatly with the length increasing risks to everyone. During a heatwave it is important that we not only look after ourselves but those around us such as infants and elderly. Make sure infants remain hydrated as they can quickly become dehydrated and check on your neighbours to make sure they are all OK on a daily basis until the heatwave is over.

 Slow down. On a hot day don't perform strenuous activities.
 Dress for summer. Wear lightweight, light coloured clothing.
 Drink plenty of water (your body needs water to keep cool).
 Spend more time in air conditioned places.
 If you don't have air conditioning, then have plenty of fans.
 Don't get too much sun. Heatstroke, heat exhaustion and sunstroke are possible.
 If someone gets heatstroke or heat exhaustion seek medical attention immediately.

Here are some information sources:
 Red Cross coping with hot weather fact sheet
 Department of Health Heatwave Information


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