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The Hindmarsh Shire Council provides Building Services such as issuing building permits, occupancy permits, final inspection certificates, carrying out mandatory building inspections, enforcement issues (Building Notices & Orders), essential services, place of public entertainment occupancy permits, and technical advice in accordance with the Building Regulations, Building Act 1993 and Building Code of Australia.

Building Services Staff

Terry Baker, Municipal Building Surveyor
Works: Wednesdays Telephone (03) 5391 4444

Ryan Slater, Building Inspector
Works: Tuesday - Friday Telephone (03) 5391 4444

Forms & Information
Building Permit Application
Application for Building Permit
New Dwelling Re-erection
Extensions Alterations
Carport Garage or Shed
Demolish or Remove a Building Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Fencing
Office Building
Duck Breeding Buildings
Owner Builder Declaration
Protection of Public Precautions
Section 29a Demolition Application
What are Mandatory Inspections

Bush Fire Attack Level
Bush Fire Attack Level
Example of Vegetation

Application for Certificates
Application for Occupancy Permit
Application for Certificate of Final

Report & Consent Forms
Mast_ poles_Reg_431

Bushfire Attack Level
Following the events of Black Saturday a new residential building standard applies across the state of Victoria from 11 March 2009. Every property within Victoria is classified as being bushfire prone with the level of danger to be determined. Each domestic building permit application requires a “Bushfire Attack Level” assessment to be calculated.

5 Star Energy Rating
If you require information regarding the 5 Star Energy Rating for new dwellings and extensions, this can be found at the Building Commission website.

Do you require a Planning and a Building Permit?
Planning and Building Permits are different permits and have different purposes. A Planning Permit may not always be needed where a Building Permit is generally always required when constructing, altering, extending or demolishing a building.

A Planning Permit is for the development and use of the property and any construction. A Building Permit looks at and assesses the structural component of the construction.

It is highly recommended that you contact both the Building and Planning departments prior to commencing any building works to ensure that you get the correct information about whether a permit is required or not, do not rely on friends, family or neighbors for this advice.
Building Department (03) 5391 4444
Planning Department (03) 5391 4444

If a Planning Permit is required. The Planning Permit has to be issued before the Building Permit can be issued. Applications for both Planning and Building Permits can be applied for at the same time and assessed concurrently.

Adjoining/Nearby Property Owners Comments Regarding Variation To Siting Regulations

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