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  The Hindmarsh Shire Council encompasses an area of approximately 7,520 square kilometres and is the sixth largest municipality in Victoria.

Roads and Transport issues have a direct impact on the Hindmarsh Shire Council in a number of ways including Higher Mass Vehicle issues ( B-Doubles), grain transporation issues and issues such as the Nhill Truck Trailer Exchange. Refer to the following pages for further information.

Higher Mass (B-Double) vehicles are required to apply for approval to operate within the Hindmarsh Shire Council road network. Approval for such use can be approved subject to the conditions outlined on the following pages.

Higher Mass Vehicles (B-Doubles):
Higher Mass (B-Double) vehicles are required to apply for approval to operate within the Hindmarsh Shire Council road network. Approval for such use can be approved subject to the following conditions:
The following Council bridges are not to be used: Wimmera Street, Dimboola: Tarranyurk-West Road: Albacutya/Kurnbrunin Road: Rainbow-Nhill Road, Outlet Creek: Rainbow-Nhill Road, Outlet Creek: Rainbow-Rises/Pigick Bus Route Road: Bothe Road: Antwerp Woorak Road.
Council roads with existing load limits.
The operators are to use the shortest all weather road from bitumen road to thier point of pick up.
That operators do not use roads where insufficient clearances exists between any railway crossing and an intersecting road.
B-Doubles are not permitted on any residential streets not being declared roads.
Individual permits and the conditions are issued on the basis that they may be reviewed in the future.

The Hindmarsh Shire Council is actively involved in various groups which are addressing concerns such as the number of large trucks on roads as a result of rail freight issues; the potential impact on community safety, noise and amenity; the cost transfer implications for councils; and consultation issues by VicRoads.
Wimmera Regional Transport Group
The Wimmera Regional Transport Group meets regularly to address issues including major project transportation strategies, funding opportunities for regional projects and regional rail/freight issues.

The group has organised the preparation of the Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Plan.

The Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Plan has been prepared to guide transport related infrastructure planning, development and implementation within the region.

You can download the latest plan on the link below.


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 Nhill Town Map
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 Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Strategy 2014
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