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The Environmental Health Officer provides environmental health services to the Hindmarsh Shire Council including;

Food Safety Programs - Amended Victorian Food Act 1984
Inspection/Audit of Registered Premises - Amended Victorian Food Act 1984
Registration of Premises
Nuisance Complaints Under the Provisions of the EPA, Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.
Health Promotion and Education
Domestic Wastewater Disposal
Duties under the Tobacco (Amendment) Act 2000
Inspection of Caravan Parks and Prescribed Accommodation
Registration of Caravan Parks and Prescribed Accommodation
Food Sampling
Investigation of Registered Premises Complaints
Inspection of Registered Premises Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008
Testing and Inspection of Public Swimming Pools and Spa Baths
Food Recalls
Food Seizure
Emergency Management, as it relates to the protection of public health in the case of an emergency
Local Laws (Environmental Health)
Pediculosis (Headlice) control
Customer Inf

Environmental Health
Council's Environmental Health Officer promotes the health and wellbeing of communities through a range of public health programs. The Environmental Health Officer works towards the prevention of infectious disease and the minimisation of public health risks throughout the Shire. Programs include food safety surveillance, immunisation services, regulation of domestic wastewater disposal, the investigation of infectious disease outbreaks, tobacco education and enforcement as well as the investigation of public health nuisance complaints.


If you are opening, purchasing or selling a food premises or if you plan to serve food as part of your accommodation premises, there are permits you need to apply for before you can open your premises.

Council's Environmental Health Officer can assist you with setting up a food premises within the municipality. For additional information please contact Brooke Godden 0428 583 136.

Please note permits may also be required from the Planning and Building Departments. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all appropriate permits have been sought.

If you are planning to operate a temporary food premises such as a community fundraiser, sausage sizzle or cake stall, you need to apply for a temporary food premises registration/permit.

Temporary Food Permit.

The Food Amendment (Regulation Reform) Act 2009 has been passed by the Victorian Parliament. Changes to the Act will take affect in three distinct phases between 1 July 2010 and mid 2011. The new classes of food premises, together with the associated changes to regulatory requirements, came into effect on 1 July 2010 (Phase 1).


Health businesses include hairdressing, beauty parlours, tattooing, ear-piercing and colonic irrigation. These businesses, and any others involving penetration of the skin, must be registered with Council.
If you are opening, buying or selling a health premises you will require some of the following permits.

Permits that may be required include:
Submit Plans for a Health Premises
Transfer a Health Premises
Register a Health Premises
These forms are available under Forms & Permits Forms and Permits.


If you are opening, buying or selling an accommodation business including a bed and breakfast, motel or boarding house you need to register with Council.
Depending on whether you are establishing a new business, or buying or transferring an existing business you will need to apply for permits using the appropriate forms.

Submit Plans for an Accommodation Premises
Register a Prescribed Accommodation Premises
Transfer a Prescribed Accommodation Premises
Forms and Permits.

Septic tanks

To ensure that a new septic tank on your property is installed in line with legislative requirements, it is important that you register your intention with Council. Likewise, if you wish to alter your septic tank system in any way, you also need to let us know.

Checklists & Application Forms - Refer below - Forms & Permits

all other permits.

For other Food Safety information, visit the Food Safety Unit of the Department of Health or the following links:
Food Safety site at - www.health.vic.gov.au/foodsafety/ - the Food Classification Tool is now incorporated into this site
Foodsmart - www.foodsmart.vic.gov.au/FoodSmartWeb/
Dofoodsafely - http://dofoodsafely.health.vic.gov.au/


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