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The Hindmarsh MFMPC, as for each municipality throughout the state which is subject to the risk of bushfires, is required to prepare and submit a draft MFMP to the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) for their endorsement prior to submission to Council for its adoption.

The current version of the MFMP focuses primarily on bushfire. Structural fire and hazardous materials incidents are covered as per the previous Municipal Fire Prevention Plan but will be reviewed and refined in subsequent versions of the MFMP.

The preparation of the Hindmarsh Shire MFMP has involved the experience of agencies and authorities charged with responsibilities for fire management, local CFA brigades and community consultation. This collaboration has ensured the development of a holistic and integrated approach to fire management across all land manager and users, and that the strategies adopted are based on practical local knowledge and common sense.

The MFMP will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure it incorporates any new strategies, programs
and tools developed to meet Council, agencies and community needs and expectations in relation to fire.

A draft version of the Hindmarsh Shire MFMP was  approved by all organisations and agencies involved in the development of this integrated fire management plan and went out for public comment.

The public comment period was open from March 2012 to May 2012. All public comments were considered by the committee for inclusion in the final plan.


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