Forms and Permits

Council is responsible for issuing a range of permits to help ensure activities are carried out in a safe and proper way.

Under the Local Government Act 1989, there are a number of activities which require a Council permit. These include busking, fundraising, parking and filming requests.

Please note: Application processing times may vary depending on the permit application. For more information, refer to the relevant permit application form.

This page provides a consolidated list of links and information in relation to permits, registrations and applications.

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Building Permits
Application for Building Permit Form
New Dwelling & Re-erection
Extensions & Alterations 
Building a Carport Garage or Shed
Demolish or Remove a Building
Swimming Pool Spa and Safety Fencing
Office Building
Duck Breeding Buildings
Owner Builder Declaration
Protection of Public Precautions
Property Information Application

Section 29a Demolition Application

What are mandatory inspections
Siting approval for temporary structures
Change of use/classification
Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) Permits

Application for Certificates
Application for occupancy permit
Application for certificate of final

Bush Fire Attack Level
Bush Fire Attack Level
Example of Vegetation

Report & Consent Forms

1.Report & Consent Maximum Street Setback Reg 73 

2.Report & Consent Minimum Street Setback Reg 74

3.Report & Consent Building Height Reg 75

4.Report & Consent Site Coverage Reg 76

5.Report & Consent Permeability Reg 77

6.Report & Consent Carparking Reg 78

7.Report & Consent Side and Rear setbacks Reg 79

8.Report & Consent Walls on Boundaries Reg 80

9.Report & Consent Daylight to existing habitable room windows Reg 81

10.Report & Consent Solar access to existing north facing windows Reg 82

11.Report & Consent Overshadowing of recreational private open space Reg 83

12.Report & Consent Overlooking Reg 84

13.Report & Consent Daylight to habitable room windows Reg 85

14.Report & Consent Private Open Space Reg 86

14a.Report & Consent Siting of Class 10a buildings Reg 87

15.Report & Consent Front Fence Height Reg 89

16.Report & Consent Fence Side and Rear boundary Reg 90

17.Report & Consent Fence length or height R 91

18.Report & Consent Fence on street-alignments R 92 & 93

19.Report & Consent Daylight to windows in existing dwelling Reg 94

20.Report & Consent Fences & Solar access to existing north facing hanitable windows Reg 95

21.Report & Consent Fences and overshadowing of recreational private open space Reg 96

22.Report & Consent Mast & poles Reg 97

Visit our building and planning page for more information.


Environmental Health

Application for registration or renewal of caravan park
Application to register a food premises
Application to transfer a food premises registration
Application for registration of a prescribed accommodation premises
Application for transfer of a prescribed accommodation premises
Submitting plans for health or prescribed Accommodation premises
Application for registration of a health premises
Application for transfer registration of a health premises
Notification of a food premises for Class 4 only
Application for a permit to install or alter a septic tank
Onsite Wastewater application



Consent to Works Within Road Reserve Application
Legal Point of Discharge (LPD) Request for Information Application



Local Laws

Application for a Permit to Burn in a Rural Area
Application to Light an Open Fire on a Residential Property
New Animal Registration Form
Application for Keeping More than the Prescribed Number of Animals
Disabled Parking Application - Individual
Disabled Parking Application - Organisation
Application for a Street Trader Permit
Application for a Street Furniture Permit
Application for Events in Public Places
Application for Consumption or Possession of Liquor in Public Places
Application for Temporary Street Closure
Risk Management Plan



Application for planning permit
How to complete the Application for planning permit
How to complete the application to amend a planning permit
Application to amend a planning permit
Native Vegetation planning permit application
Application to object to a planning permit
Application for review at VCAT
Planning Fees
Clause 55 – Two or more dwellings on a lot
Clause 56 – Residential subdivision
Procedure for determining if a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required
Permitted clearing of native vegetation – moderate and high risk

Visit our building and planning page for more information.



To apply for a Land Information Certificate please use our Property Enquiry Application Form

Visit our rates page for more information on Rates

If you cannot find the document or permit you are looking for, please contact Customer Service on (03) 5391 4444.

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