Temporary Road Closure - Rainbow Desert Enduro

On display until 04 September 2022, 11:59 PM


Council advises that on Friday 02 September 2022, there will be a road closure as a result of traffic management measures for the Rainbow Desert Enduro in Rainbow.

Federal Street (from Taverner Street to Railway Street) and Railway Street (from Eddy Street to Bow Street) will be closed to all vehicle traffic from 2pm to 11:00pm for the duration of the traffic management plan.

Notice is also given that the following roads east of Rainbow to the Wyperfeld National Park will also have road closures from 7:00am on Saturday 03 September 2022 through to 11:59pm on Sunday 04 September 2022 as a result of traffic management measures for the Rainbow Desert Enduro:

  • Unnamed Road (from Rainbow Rises Road to Wheatland Road, Rainbow)
  • Fuller Road (from Map 182 Re 885 304 to Bullock Bottom Road, Rainbow)
  • Bullock Bottom Road (from Fuller Road to Jacks Track, Rainbow)
  • Jacks Track (from Bullock Bottom Road to Krelles Road, Albacutya)
  • Krelles Road (from Jacks Track to Ross Lake Road, Albacutya)
  • Burma Road (from Ross Lake Road to Schillings Road, Albacutya)
  • Firebreak Track (from Pigick Pella Road to Map 206 Ref 727 266, Kurnbrunin)
  • Amy Johnson HWY (from Birdcage FFR Track to Weddings Road, Pella)
  • Unnamed Road (from Weddings Road to Kruger Road, Rainbow)
  • Kruger Road (from Unnamed Road to Rainbow Nhill Road, Rainbow)
  • Unnamed Road (from Kruger Road to Rainbow Rises Road, Rainbow)

Any queries should be directed to Stephen Nicholson, Local Laws Officer, on 03 5391 4444.

Greg Wood
Chief Executive Officer

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