Want to start or grow your business in Hindmarsh?

Let us help you!

Our Economic Development Team is here to help you start or grow your business in Hindmarsh Shire. Each of our towns has a unique competitive advantage with opportunities in industry such as agriculture, food and beverage, tourism and health.

Perfectly situated halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide in Western Victoria, our secure water source, affordable living and low overhead costs make starting a business easier in Dimboola, Jeparit, Nhill or Rainbow.

We can assist you in enhancing your business through:

  • Grant assistance
  • Group development and networking opportunities
  • Sourcing a ready and willing workforce
  • Connecting you to service providers and support services
  • Business planning and mentoring

Your dream of owning your own business can be a reality in Hindmarsh. Let us help you get there.


Department Projects

Council is actively seeking business investment into Dimboola, Jeparit, Nhill and Rainbow.

Please contact us to if your company or business wants to invest, relocate, startup, expand or downsize.