Would you like a little assistance?

During tough times, looking out for each other and staying connected is really important. When did you last check in with your neighbour for a chat or to check if they needed assistance with anything? 

You can print our "Would you like a little assistance" card, fill it out and then drop it into your neighbours mailbox! 

Click here to print a single A5 sized card.

Click here to print in A4 size with two cards to a page.



As of 11:59pm 18 October 2020, some restrictions eased for Regional Victoria's third step. 

Our Nhill Customer Service centre is now open to members of the public from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Our Dimboola, Jeparit and Rainbow Libraries and Customer Service centres have also opened, you can find out the opening hours by visit our Libraries page here.

Halls and the cinema will remain closed as under the third step indoor venues are to be closed.

Updated 29/10/2020