Organising an Event

Thank you for choosing Hindmarsh Shire as a place to run your event. Our Tourism and Economic Development team are here to support events in Hindmarsh. We can assist you in accessing support with:

  • Event planning and mentoring
  • Event approvals and permit applications
  • Event grant opportunities and grant application advice
  • Event marketing

Whether you are planning a new event or expanding and changing a previously held event, it is likely that you will need our support with Council permits.

Events vary considerably in size, focus and format. It is important to discuss your event ideas early on with Council so we can help ensure that your event runs smoothly, safely and successfully. We understand that it can be difficult to know where to start so we have created this webpage as a roadmap to help you understand the permit application process as well as the impact of regulations on your plans.

If you're ready to start planning your event, the following flowchart can help you understand our process.

Events Workflow Image.jpg

What type of permits might my event need?

There are a range of permits or registrations that your event might need. This includes;

  • Planning Permits: particularly if your event is to be held on private property and/or includes displaying signs or street trading.
  • Building: particularly if you event is likely to attract more than 4000 people and/or will have large structures such as stages and/or large marquees.
  • Environmental Health: includes registration and certificates required for food vendors.
  • Community Safety: includes road closures, trading permits for market stalls, alcohol consumption, noise and fireworks.

1. Prepare

Spend time now preparing to get your application right. Providing the right information can save time on the assessment and may get your event running sooner.

What is your event idea?

Start by writing down what you know about your event proposal. You will need to be able to describe the type of event you want to hold and how it will run in some detail.

What permits do I need?

Click below to complete our online Intention to Hold an Event Form.


or alternatively, you can print the following form to complete:

Intention to Hold an Event Form(PDF, 396KB)

Permit Support Meeting

If you need multiple permits (likely for a large event), the Economic Development and Local Laws teams can arrange a meeting with you and the relevant Council departments to get advice on what information you'll need to include in your application. The information we receive from you in the Event Notification Form will help us determine what permits you will need. These meetings are free.

You are ready to apply!

2. Apply

Once you have completed the Intention to Hold an Event form and/or have spoken with our team to confirm which permit(s) apply to your event, you will be sent the appropriate application forms. Our Economic Development and Local Laws teams are here to assist you through this if needed.

3. Assessment

Once your permit application form has been submitted, we will begin assessing your application. The timeline for this can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the event. External permits such as road closures and alcohol licenses for example can take significant time to assess, so it important to begin your planning and applications early to leave you plenty of time prior to the event. See the Event Management Guide for more information.

Receiving the application

The Economic Development Team is available as your point of contact throughout this process. Staff in each permit department will be assigned to your application and they will contact you to advise the expected time required to assess your application. You are welcome to contact the permit teams directly to check on the status of your application.

Permit Payments

There are standard fees that apply to most permit types. The details of your application will determine the exact fees and charges. A team member from the relevant department will contact you after you submit your application to confirm the final fee and payment details.

Requests for Further Information

You may receive a request for further information during the assessment phase. Please be prompt in responding to any requests as a slow response may delay a decision on your application.

4. Outcome

Once we have finished our assessment, we will be in touch to confirm our decision.

If your application is approved, we will email you a copy of your permit or registration and, where appropriate, hard copies will be sent by post.

When you are ready to start promoting your event, our Economic Development team will assist you to hit the ground running by flagging services or grants that will help your event to grow and succeed.

Thank you for choosing Hindmarsh as a place to start or grow your event.

Support from Economic Development Team

Our Economic Development team are available to provide advice and support for events.

We're your first point of contact before you apply, during the application process, leading up to and during the event itself. We can provide information up-front and discuss the steps you'll need to take to run your event. We'll clarify who to speak to and the support available from Council or other organisations based on your circumstances.

We're here to help you avoid making costly mistakes by giving you the right information at the right time

You can call our Economic Development team on 03 5391 4444 or email us at