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Steeped in history, a visit to the Parish of Pella can feel like a trip to another time. The map below shows some of the significant landmarks on your drive through Pella, all worth visiting along the way. Look out for the Stasinowsky Lime Kiln. Built in 1914, it was the source of lime for many of the limestone buildings in the region and significant, because it is a kiln type rarely found in Victoria.
St John's Lutheran Church was built in 1911 with local limestone and still operating today. The church houses a magnificently restored pipe organ and a visit to the church to hear the local organists is a must. The manse and primary school both house historical displays of the local area.
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Pella Mystery House 
A small two room dwelling is found 500 metres further into the bush block past Stasinowsky Lime Kiln. Constructed from local limestone, the 'house' is another example of the stonework techniques employed in the building of the Church. Little reference is made of this building and its original purpose remains a mystery.