Silo Art Trail

Albacutya Silo Art sunrise.jpg
The iconic Silo Art Trail is Australia’s largest outdoor gallery. The trail stretches over 900kms across north-west Victoria from the South Australian border to Nullawil on the Calder Highway. The silo art trail was conceived in 2016 after the success of the first silo artwork in Brim. What started as a small community project by the Brim Active Community Group, GrainCorp, Juddy Roller and artist, Guido van Helton resulted in widespread international media attention and an influx of visitors to the region. 
Providing an insight into the true spirit of the Wimmera Mallee, the trail recognises the region’s people, nature and way of life through a series of large-scale murals painted onto grain silos, many of which date back to the 1930s. The trail is a collection of works from renowned artist from Australia and across the world transforming grain silos into epic works of art; each one telling a unique story about the host town. 


Download the Silo Art Trail brochure(PDF, 8MB)


Albacutya Silo Art

Albacutya Silo

Ten kilometres north of Rainbow on the road to Lake Albacutya lies the stunning silo art paying homage to family, fun and yabbies! Melbourne artist Kitt Bennett was inspired to create an artwork that tells a story of growing up in the country as a youth.

“I have fond memories of exploring the bush and looking for yabbies under rocks in creeks with my parents. Reflecting on this weird and wonderful time as an adult is something that brings me a lot of happiness,” said artist, Kit Bennett.

“I wanted to keep the artwork somewhat surreal and distorted from reality. Much like the nature of stories from the past. They often become exaggerated.”

“I wanted to make this painting very bright and full of colour in an attempt to reflect the rainbow theme and to separate it from its environment. The Silo itself is old but the artwork aims to breathe a new life into the landscape.”

Arkona Silo Art

Arkona Silo

Ten kilometres north of Dimboola on the Dimboola-Rainbow Road lies the stunning silo art featuring Arkona local, Roley Klinge. It also highlights the importance of country tennis to these small communities, a major social event through the summer months.

World renowned mural artist Smug faced the challenge of painting a silo sized photorealistic mural without being able to meet and photograph the subject. Unfortunately Roley had passed in 1991. To overcome this, Smug came up with an ingenious and original concept...not painting the body at all!

Not physically painting the body makes this a unique mural that can appeal to all walks of life to interact with the playful tone of the artwork. This approach also puts the focus back onto country tennis, as important as football and other sports to regional communities. 

Although he did manage to sneak in a small portrait, plus cleverly incorporating "Roley" into a gold watch, something as iconic as Roley's terry-towelling hat and glasses.