Rainbow Art and Culture

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Rainbow Murals

The life and history of the early pioneers, our town and region have been captured in our spectacular brightly coloured rainbow murals, which are well renowned and worthy of a visit at the various locations around town.


Turbo Gallery

Turbo Gallery is a contemporary space which showcases the work of local and visiting artists. The Gallery also offers other artistic services and opportunities. Situated on the edge of the Mallee, Rainbow is a small town amongst a rural community. The Gallery prides itself for providing a unique experience to its customers and opportunities for local and emerging artists.
58 Federal St, Rainbow VIC 3424
Phone: 0429 357 966
The Oasis project reinvents the historic Rainbow Primary School into a pivotal site for creative production, exhibition and cultural connection. The Oasis establishes a community art and performance hub for the local and regional creative and performing arts.
30 Bow Street, Rainbow VIC 3424
0428 127 700
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