Council Committees

Advisory Committees

Council has established Advisory Committees to advise Council on issues pertinent to each town or a specific purpose. We work closely with Advisory Committees to educate us on issues facing their communities. They guide us to deliver inclusive services and help develop, implement and monitor our plans and strategies.

Hindmarsh Shire Council currently has eight Advisory Committees:

Nhill Town Committee

Dimboola Town Committee

Rainbow Town Committee

Jeparit Town Committee

Audit and Risk Committee

Delegated Councillors: Cr Debra Nelson and Cr Brett Ireland

Audit & Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 555KB)
Audit & Risk Committee Work Plan(PDF, 194KB)

The Audit & Risk committee is an independent advisory committee to Council that meets 3 times per year. The committee is established to assist in the effective conduct of Council’s responsibilities for good governance, the management of risk, financial reporting and maintenance of reliable systems and internal controls in order to facilitate the achievement of its organisational objectives.

External members are appointed to the committee who demonstrate senior business, risk management or financial management / reporting knowledge and have experience in financial and other reporting requirements. External members are paid an honorarium per meeting.

The Audit & Risk Committee operates under section 53 and 54 of the Local Government Act 2020, with the Charter setting out the roles and responsibilities of the committee.

Expressions of Interest:

We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) from suitably qualified individuals to be appointed as an external member to Council’s Audit & Risk Committee for a period of three years. EOI’s detailing background and experience and an understanding of the committee’s duties and responsibilities as detailed in the Charter are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 250 Nhill and be received by 12 noon on Friday 17 February 2023.

 Any questions regarding the position can be directed to Monica Revell, Director Corporate & Community Services via email or telephone 03 5391 4444.

Nhill Aerodrome Master Plan Advisory Committee

Delegated Councillor: Cr Wendy Bywaters

CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee

Delegated Councillors: Cr Melanie Albrecht, Cr Brett Ireland, Cr Debra Nelson, Cr Rob Gersch, Cr Ron Ismay and Cr Wendy Bywaters
Independent Chair: Christine Mileham

The role of the CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee is to make recommendations on contracts, appointments, remuneration, conditions or extensions of appointments relating to the CEO. The committee also conducts the CEO performance review.

Hindmarsh LGBTIQ+ Reference Group

Delegated Councillor: Cr Melanie Albrecht

Click here to view Hindmarsh LGBTIQ+ Reference Group Terms of Reference(PDF, 148KB)

The Hindmarsh LGBTIQ+ Reference Group aims to strengthen the voice of the LGBTIQ+ community by providing advice to ensure Council’s broader policy issues and Council Plan and programs reflect the interests of the LGBTQI+ community. The Terms of Reference set out the objectives of the LGBTIQ+ reference group.

Governance for Advisory Committees

Community Asset Committees

Hindmarsh Shire Council has a number of Community Asset Committees established under section 65 of the Local Government Act 2020. Asset Committees manage community halls and facilities. Each Asset Committee has a delegation from the CEO which sets out their roles and responsibilities. 

Hindmarsh Shire Council currently has ten Community Asset Committees:

Community Asset Committees