Child Safety

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Hindmarsh Shire Council Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Council is committed to the equitable safety, participation and empowerment of all children and has zero tolerance towards incidents of child abuse. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and investigated and actioned according to all internal policies and legislative requirements. Council recognises its legal and moral obligations to contact the relevant authorities promptly should concerns be raised regarding a child’s safety or welfare. Council will ensure that our response is embedded in a trauma-formed approach and principles of effective and appropriate engagement with children.

Council is committed to preventing child abuse, identifying risks early and removing and reducing these risks. Our management of these risks commences with robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers and continues with ongoing staff training and supervision.

Council is committed to upholding equity for all children and to preventing discrimination based on disability, race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sex, intersex status and/or sexual orientation.

We encourage and celebrate the contributions and participation of all children and young people and work to empower all those who are involved with Council, including our Youth Council representatives.

Council is also committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and to the provision of a safe and inclusive environment for children with a disability.

Those employed by Council are responsible for the care and protection of young people who participate in our organisation, including those attending council run activities and events, and for reporting all incidents of real or suspected abuse.

Council’s Child Safety Policy can be found here.

If you have a concern about the safety of any young person participating in our programs, please call us on (03) 5391 4444 or email