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Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Hindmarsh Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) addresses the prevention of response to and recovery from emergencies within the Hindmarsh municipality. It is the result of the co-operative efforts of the emergency management planning committee, which includes representatives from Victoria Police, CFA, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), Ambulance Victoria, DEDJTR, SES, Department of Health, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH), VicRoads, GWMWater, Red Cross, Wimmera CMA, Hindmarsh Shire Council and other agencies. The MEMP does not attempt to reinvent the wheel and actively recognises the previous planning activities of the municipal area. 

Municipal Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)
Hindmarsh Shire Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 1MB)

If you have any comments, feedback or concerns regarding the MEMP, please contact the Municipal Emergency Management Officer on em@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au.

Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Hindmarsh Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) includes members from DELWP, CFA and Hindmarsh Shire Council. The committee is supported at a regional level by the Grampians Strategic Fire Management Planning Committee and at a State level by the State Fire Management Planning Committee.

A key responsibility of the MFMPC is the development of a Municipal Fire Management Plan (MFMP). This plan describes how regional authorities, local government, fire agencies and other relevant organisations can work together to effectively anticipate, respond to and recover from bushfire events affecting the Hindmarsh municipality.

Hindmarsh Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 167KB)
Municipal Fire Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Wimmera Integrated Relief and Recovery Sub-plan

The Wimmera Integrated Relief and Recovery Sub-plan records the municipal level emergency relief and recovery management arrangements that may be utilised in supporting a community impacted by an emergency event.

As defined in the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP), Local Government (Council) is the lead agency for local emergency relief and recovery.

This plan illustrates how emergency relief and recovery services are coordinated and delivered at the local level by the Partner Councils. The plan also describes how emergency relief and recovery service support is escalated to the Regional and/or State level when local resources are exhausted.

Wimmera Integrated Relief and Recovery Sub-plan(PDF, 961KB)

Emergency Animal Welfare Support Plan

The four Partner Councils who make up the Wimmera Emergency Management Resource Sharing Program (WEMRSP) - Hindmarsh, Horsham, West Wimmera and Yarriambiack are vulnerable to a number of hazards that impact their area and may affect the welfare of domestic animals (pets), livestock and wildlife.

The area of the four municipalities is home to a large number of domestic animals, livestock and wildlife.  The area is also traversed by major highways, which carry livestock in large volumes on a daily basis.

Emergency Animal Welfare Support Sub-Plan(PDF, 1MB)

This plan complements the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) of each Partner Council.

The focus of this sub-plan is to prescribe the municipal coordination arrangements that exist to support agencies which have a responsibility for emergency animal welfare support, this includes:

  1. Domestic Animals (pets) – Local Government
  2. Livestock – Dept. for Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources (DEDJTR)
  3. Wildlife – Dept. of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)