What is storm water? 

Storm water is the water that drains off a land area from rainfall.

Rainwater refers only to the rain that falls on the roof, which is usually diverted into tanks by the use of spouts and pipes.

Damaged Storm Water Pit Covers

Please report damaged or broken drainage pit covers and concrete surrounds so that they can be repaired or replaced and made safe for the community. It is helpful to report the exact location of the damaged drainage pit and to add photos in your report if possible.

You will need to identify if there are service authorities that may be on the cover, such as Telstra, GWM Water, NBN Co or PowerCor. If the cover has a logo from any of these, please contact the relevant authority – council does not have authority to fix damaged pit covers that are owned by other services.

To report damaged pits/pit covers, please visit the relevant website below:

Telstra: Online via Telstra's website here.
GWMWater: Via phone 1800 188 586.
Powercor: Via phone 13 22 06.
NBN Co: Online via NBN Co's website here. 

Similarly, if you see any Council drainage that requires maintenance please report it for inspection.


Storm water run off

Owners must not divert or redirect the flow from its natural path onto neighbouring properties.
A downstream property owner must not erect any type of barrier that interferes with the path of storm water unless provision is made for the flow to discharge to an approved drainage system. If you are downstream, you must accept the ‘natural’ run-off onto your property.

Council has no authority over disputes arising between property owners regarding the flow of storm water from private property. You should first talk to your neighbour and try to reach a mutually suitable solution. If this doesn’t work, advice and information can be found from the Dispute Settlement Centre or from a solicitor.