Dimboola Art and Culture

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Dimboola Imaginarium

Housed in the historic former National Bank of Australasia building, the Dimboola Imaginarium is a whimsical living room filled with art, curios, collectables, toys, books, plants and other unique gifts.
Cnr of Lochiel St and Lloyd St, Dimboola
Phone: 0425 705 591

The Nolan Studio

Famous Modernist painter Sidney Nolan (1917 - 1992) was stationed in Dimboola during World War II, when in charge of a squad of soldiers guarding army supplies. Whilst in Dimboola he became inspired by the colours and vastness of the Wimmera, resulting in the creation of his famous Wimmera Landscape Series that changed the direction of landscape painting in Australia. A static display is located at the garage/studio where Nolan painted.
11 Lochiel Street, Dimboola

Andrew Bertuliet Photography Gallery

55 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Phone: 0429 133 133

Tilley and Mango

102 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Phone: 0431 035 742 

Kim Balmain Arts 

93 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Phone: 0411 496 939

Rural Industry Collectables (in the Star Theatre)

115 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Phone: 0409 850 136