Vehicles and Parking

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Accessible Parking Permit Scheme

It is illegal to park in a marked disabled parking bay unless you, or your passenger, has a valid Accessible Parking Permit. 

As of 24 March 2021, the Accessible Parking Permit Scheme went live in Hindmarsh Shire Council. This replaced the previous Disability Parking Permits system that had been in place. 

Permits give parking concessions to those with impaired mobility. There are three types of Accessible Parking Permits available to Victorian residents:

  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit (for individuals)
  • A Victorian Double Time Permit (for individuals)
  • An Australian Disability Parking (ADP) Permit (for organisations)

To obtain a disabled parking permit, you must make an application following the Accessible Parking Permits Scheme.

The Accessible Parking Permit Scheme is an online-based and streamlined application process that is jointly processed between the applicant, General Practitioner and/or Occupational Therapists and the Vicroads Accessible Parking Permit department.

Council is involved in some administrative parts of the process such as approving certain aspects of an application, but is no longer responsible for processing applications.

All information and resources are available online at Accessible Parking Permits (APP) website here

Any currently issued Disability Parking Permits are still valid. You will only be required to change your permit to the new Accessible Parking Permit once your current permit expires, or if your current permit is lost.

Please note: This is a state initiative and your GP will complete the paperwork online on your behalf.

If you have any questions or require further information, please call our Customer Service team on 03 5391 4444.

Parking on Nature Strips

The parking of vehicles on a footpath, nature strip, dividing strip or median strip is illegal. Parking on a footpath or nature strip can create hazards for pedestrians and impact visibility for other drivers. Parking on dividing strips and/or median strips can impact sight lines for drivers and pedestrians and damage the surface of the area that was not designed for parking vehicles. 

More information on parking is available from VicRoads.

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle is considered abandoned if it has been left standing in a road or street, in a parking area or on Council land for a period greater than two months.

Suspect you have seen an abandoned vehicle? Contact Council on (03) 5391 4444 to speak with a Local Laws team member.