Annual Reports

The Victorian Local Government Act 2020 requires all Councils to present an Annual Report at a public Council meeting within four months of the end of the financial year.

Council’s Annual Report details the achievements and performance of Hindmarsh Shire Council during the 2021/22 financial year. Council is committed to transparent reporting and accountability to the community and the report of operations provides a transparent record of Council’s operations and performance during the financial year.


You can view the Hindmarsh Shire Council 2021 -2022 Annual Report below: 

2021 - 2022 Annual Report(PDF, 88MB)

Previous Annual Reports:
2020/21 Annual Report(PDF, 17MB)
2019/20 Annual Report(PDF, 25MB)
2018/19 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)
2017/18 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2016/17 Annual Report(PDF, 7MB)
2015/16 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2014/15 Annual Report(PDF, 13MB)
2013/14 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2012/13 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2011/12 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2010/11 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2009/10 Annual Report(PDF, 24MB)
2008/09 Annual Report(PDF, 26MB)
2007/08 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)