Annual Reports

The Victorian Local Government Act 2020 requires all Councils to present an Annual Report at a public Council meeting within four months of the end of the financial year.

Council’s Annual Report details the achievements and performance of Hindmarsh Shire Council during each financial year. Council is committed to transparent reporting and accountability to the community and the report of operations provides a transparent record of Council’s operations and performance during the financial year.


You can view the Hindmarsh Shire Council 2022 -2023 Annual Report below: 

Annual Report 2022/2023(PDF, 59MB)

Previous Annual Reports:
2021/22 Annual Report(PDF, 88MB)
2020/21 Annual Report(PDF, 17MB)
2019/20 Annual Report(PDF, 25MB)
2018/19 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)
2017/18 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2016/17 Annual Report(PDF, 7MB)
2015/16 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2014/15 Annual Report(PDF, 13MB)
2013/14 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2012/13 Annual Report(PDF, 6MB)
2011/12 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2010/11 Annual Report(PDF, 5MB)
2009/10 Annual Report(PDF, 24MB)
2008/09 Annual Report(PDF, 26MB)
2007/08 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB)