Legal Point of Discharge

You may need a legal point of discharge report when applying for a building permit.
All new buildings are required to be connected to a Legal Point of Discharge for storm water, this is the point where storm water from your property discharges into a Council managed drain or the street kerb and channel.

To find this location, you must apply for a report to be generated. We cannot provide this information verbally.


Once you have completed the form, please email it to

The Report you receive from Council will NOT include: 

  1. The location of any internal property drainage or the existing legal point of discharge location.
    - Existing private drainage on your property can be identified by engaging a qualified plumber to investigate the site.

  2. The as-constructed conditions of a drain; our drain details are a guide only.
    - You must check the size, depth and offset of the drain on site and make sure the drain is not damaged

  3. Details of storm water downpipes and where they go on the property.
    -  You should contact a plumber to find this information.

You can find general information about infrastructure under your property on Dial before you Dig

Consent to works within road reserve

Consent to works within road reserve(PDF, 238KB)


For more information on works within a road reserve, click here