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Dimboola is a town with a big heart and a relaxed lifestyle. Located approximately 400km North West of Melbourne, the town’s proximity offers superb educational, recreational, medical and aged care facilities. The unique wilderness areas nearby are ideally suited to outdoor pursuits.

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There are some beautiful camping grounds in Hindmarsh Shire and Dimboola is no exception. But if you prefer the comfort of a bed off the ground you will be able to find that too:

Riverside Holiday Park Dimboola

Phone: 03 5389 1416
2 Wimmera Street, Dimboola
Website.png Riverside Holiday Park Dimboola
Email.png riversideholidayparkdimboola@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au
Facebook.png Riverside Holiday Park Dimboola

Dimboola Motel

Phone: 03 5389 1177
35-43 Horsham Road, Dimboola
Facebook.png Dimboola Motel 

Victoria Hotel

Phone:03 5389 1611
Address: 32 Wimmera Street, Dimboola 
Website.png Victoria Hotel Dimboola
Facebook.png Victoria Hotel Dimboola

Dimboola Imaginarium

Phone:0425 705 591

Address: 7-9 Lochiel Street, Dimboola
Website.png Dimboola Imaginarium 
Email.png chan@dimboolaimaginarium.com

Facebook.png Dimboola Imaginarium
Instagram.png @dimboola_imaginarium 



Dimboola Cafe  

95 Lloyd St, Dimboola
Email.png mdimboola.cafe@bigpond.com

Facebook.png Dimboola Cafe

Dimboola Store

Phone: 03 5389 1404
Address: 86 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Email.png Dimboolastore@gmail.com
Facebook.png Dimboola Store
Instagram.png @dimboolastore

Wimmera Bakery

Phone: 03 5389 1896

Address: 72-78 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Email.png wimmerabakery@gmail.com
Facebook.png Wimmera Bakery Dimboola & Nhill 


Dimboola Imaginarium

Phone: 0425 705 591

Rural Industry (in the Star Theatre)

Phone: 0409 850 136
Address: 115 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Email.png kimmy.cross@hotmail.com
Instagram.png @ruralindustry

Andrew Bertuleit Photography

Phone: 0429 133 133
Address: 85 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Website.png Andrew Bertuleit Photography 
Facebook.png Andrew Bertuleit Photography 

Dimboola Vintage

Phone: 0407 018 862
Address: 78-81 Lloyd Street, Dimboola
Email.png dimboolavintage@gmail.com
Facebook.png Dimboola Vintage
Instagram.png @dimboolavintage  

Kim Balmain Arts

Address: 93 Lloyd Street, Dimboola

Tilley and Mango 

Address: 102 Lloyd Street, Dimboola 
Instagram.png  @tilleyandmango

Self Catering

Dimboola IGA
Open 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 12.30pm Saturday, and 9:00am to 12.30pm on Sundays.
Phone: (03) 5389 1707
15 Lochiel St, Dimboola
Facebook.png  IGA Dimboola Plus Liquor


Dimboola Taxi Services Pty Ltd 
Phone: 0419 764 977

Video Gallery