Footpaths, Grass, Trees and Naturestrips


Your property, whether vacant or developed, should be kept tidy and free from hazards all year round. This includes mowing the grass and maintaining any other vegetation. Grass, plants, weeds or similar vegetation should be maintained to a suitable standard. 

If properties are not kept to a suitable standard, Council Local Laws officers will inspect the property, and if required, will issue a Fire Prevention/Notice to Comply. 

To contact our Local Laws team, please call (03) 5391 4444

Guidelines around your trees, bushes and other vegetation on your property

A landowner has a responsibility to keep a footpath clear of any overhanging branches or vegetation growing from their property. Under the provisions of Council’s local laws, Council may direct the landowner to trim the overhanging branches or vegetation as per example below.




It is the responsibility of the ratepayer to maintain the property’s nature strip in a clean and tidy state, which compliments the existing streetscape and:

  • minimises any risk to the community; 
  • provides for the unobstructed and safe flow of pedestrian traffic;
  • provides access for postal deliveries and utility service providers;
  • does not impede access to fire hydrants; 
  • does not impact the safety of vehicles using the road; 
  • allows kerbside parking of vehicles (including door opening space) and safe and practical conditions for emptying rubbish and recycling bins;
  • are in keeping with heritage areas;
  • can act as additional footpath space when two or more people walk together or pass by.

For more information please see our Nature strip Policy:

Nature strip Policy (PDF, 146KB)


Section 197 (1) of the Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic) states; 
A driver must not stop on a bicycle path, footpath, shared path or dividing strip or a nature strip adjacent to a length of road in a built up area. 

There are exceptions to this rule, as follows:

  1.  Where signage is provided to explicitly allow parking on nature strip; 
  2.  To allow motorcycles to park on these areas where it does not inconvenience or obstruct any pedestrian or vehicle. 

The Local Laws Officers are authorised to enforce parking related offences listed in the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules

If you are impacted by, or see a vehicle that is blocking pedestrian access, causing a site obstruction or is a general safety concern, please contact our Local Laws team on (03) 5391 4444

Footpath Faults

If you discover any potential risks or hazards on any footpath in the Hindmarsh Shire, it is appreciated if you report your concerns.

To do this, you can:

  1.  Put in a Customer Action Request & add photos of the hazard (if you can) :  
    Report a footpath hazard 
  2. Email our team at (Put 'Customer Request' as the subject line) 
    - Please provide a location and description of the issue, include as much information as possible, and attach photographs if you can
  3. Phone our team on (03) 5391 4444

Building works involving naturestrips

If you would like to build a cross over or have other works that will impact on your nature strip or other road reserve, you'll need to complete a Works within a Road Reserve form.

Works within a road reserve permit(PDF, 238KB)

Council & Owners Responsibilities






Council's Street and Reserve Tree Strategy is intended to provide the basis for why trees are important in our towns, an assessment of the current status of the urban tree population and ideas and opportunities for both managing these trees better and encouraging the planting of new ones. It is a longer term strategy to help focus existing operational programs and to maximise Council’s budgets with evidence based decision making.