Works within a road reserve

Before you begin any work on a Hindmarsh Shire Council controlled road reserve, you will require a permit.

What is a road reserve? 

The road reserve is the public land beyond your property boundary, and includes roadside or nature strip, drains, verge, shoulders and roadway.

Please read through all of the information provided below to grasp a good understanding of what is required of you to undertake these works.

Working within a Council Road Reserve

A Works Within a Road Reserve Permit must be obtained prior to any works being undertaken on Hindmarsh Shire Council controlled road reserves. This is to ensure that Council's road reserves are protected and reinstated to their original state after works have been carried out.

This permit is required if works are being undertaken within Council's road reserves such as:

  • stormwater drainage and pit installations
  • vehicle crossing construction and modification
  • pathway and kerbing replacement
  • water supply and sewer connections
  • installation of public utilities
  • road work
  • tree planting/removal or structures on nature strips/road reserves.




Applying for a Permit

To apply for a works within road reserve permit, you must complete an application form: 

Works within a Road Reserve Application Form(PDF, 238KB)

Please provide Council with your proof of Certificate of Currency at the same time you submit your application form.

Once your application has been submitted, it will be assessed by Council officers. Once we assess your application, we may issue you a permit or ask for more information about the proposed works. 


  • Your works MUST NOT commence until a permit has been issued. 
  • It is likely that a permit issued may contain specific instructions & conditions which must be adhered to 
  • Proof of public liability insurance in the form of certificate of currency is necessary to complete the permit application.
  • If you need help with the application form, please contact our customer service team.

Important Information

Non Council Roads:
Council can only issue permits for works within a road reserve for roads that are managed by Council.

Council cannot issue a permit to work within a road reserve on a road that is managed by VicRoads, Parks Victoria, DEWLP or any other private roads. Permits for works undertaken on land managed by any of these agencies should be directed to the relevant authority:

VicRoads:  13 11 71
Parks Victoria: 13 19 63
DEWLP: 03 5336 6856

To find out whether your road is managed by Council, click here.

Public Liability insurance is important as it generally provides financial protection to both the public and the responsible persons conducting the works, in the event of an incident resulting in damages or injury to third party assets or persons. 

Proof of certificate of currency is necessary before the application can be completed. We advise you to include the certificate of currency with the initial application form so we can process your application without delay.

The minimum policy coverage for persons/companies conducting works within the road reserve is $10 million.