Wastewater and Septic Tanks

On-site wastewater management systems (OWMS) / Septic Tank Systems are used on residential, community and business premises where there is no connection to sewerage, individuals must install septic tanks that comply with the EPA Septic Tank Code of Practice.

A permit from Council is required to install the new OWMS or alter the existing one, if the septic tank has the flow rate of sewerage of up to 5000L a day. This is because if the sewage flow rate is more than 5000L/day then EPA approval is required.

As a requirement of the Code of Practice, prior to the installation of an onsite waste water system, a Land Capability Assessor must undertake a Land Capability Assessment.

The Land Capability Assessment (LCA) determines the best way to dispose of wastewater at the property, depending on the soil type, size of the block, and type of system to be installed.

Once this is completed, the report from the Land Capability Assessor along with an application form should be submitted to Council to avoid any delays.

After the installation of an onsite waste water system, effective management and performance of the system is required in order to minimise the environmental risks, and risks to public health.

For more information on EPA approved systems, please visit EPA Victoria.

If you would like to contact council for more information on permits, installation or alteration of a waste water system. Please contact Councils Environmental Health Officer on (03) 5391 4444 or eho@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au

Relevant Documents: 
Application to Install or Alter a Septic Tank(PDF, 177KB)