Plans and Strategies

2021 Workforce Plan

2021 Workforce Plan(PDF, 1MB)

The Workforce Plan aims to ensure that the goals and aspirations of the community as outlined in the Council Plan can be met by Council in the delivery of actions and services to the community.

This Plan aims to ensure that Council can best deliver the needs of the community, whilst ensuring a workforce plan is in place that has the skills, background and experience taking into account the challenges of the future.

Nhill Townscape and Lake Masterplan

2021 Nhill Townscape and Lake Masterplan (FINAL)(PDF, 8MB)

A Nhill Townscape and Lake Masterplan was developed in 2021. The project vision for Nhill is to enhance pedestrian and visual connections between the Town Centre, Jaypex Park and Nhill Lake, with a focus on encouraging visitors to stay and explore the town.

Wimmera River Waterway Management Plan Dimboola

Wimmera River Waterway Management Plan Dimboola(PDF, 2MB)

The purpose of the Wimmera River Waterway Management Plan is to ensure the Wimmera River within the Dimboola locality is appropriately managed for the benefit of the environment, community, recreational users, traditional and abutting landowners. 

Wimmera River Discovery Trail Masterplan

Hindmarsh Trail Masterplan Report 2016(PDF, 4MB)

The primary goals of the Hindmarsh Trail (also known as the Wimmera River Discovery Trail) is to develop a trail along the Wimmera River from Dimboola to Four Mile Beach on Lake Hindmarsh.

Karen Community Plan

Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 - English(PDF, 6MB)
Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 - Karen(PDF, 6MB)

The Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 has been developed with substantial consultation across a wide range of stakeholders in the Nhill, Hindmarsh and wider Wimmera community. Aligning with the Hindmarsh Shire Council Plan 2017 – 2021, this plan will continue the long term strategic direction for Council to develop a thriving local economy through increased capacity and leadership within the Karen community of Nhill. 

The key aim of the Karen Community Plan 2017-2021 is to build on the actions of the 2014 plan and support the Karen community in increasing their access to settlement services at a local and regional level, developing their leaders with training and education opportunities, increasing employment opportunities through employment and business development and providing new opportunities in sport, recreation, arts and cultural activities.

Empowering the Karen community through continued learning, via training opportunities and mentoring support will see increased capacity throughout the Nhill and Hindmarsh community in areas such as hospitality, tourism, health and agriculture.

Previous Plans:

2014 Karen Community Plan - English(PDF, 3MB)
2014 Karen Community Plan - Karen(PDF, 8MB)

Nhill Aerodrome Masterplan

Nhill Aerodrome Master Plan 2019(PDF, 30MB)

Hindmarsh Shire Council (Council) are the owner and operator of Nhill Aerodrome and in August 2018 sought to review and update the Nhill Aerodrome Master Plan to outline the strategic direction for the aerodrome in the medium to long term.

Hindmarsh Sport and Recreation Strategy

Hindmarsh Sport and Recreation Strategy 2016(PDF, 3MB)

The Hindmarsh Shire Sport and Recreation Strategy (HSSR) has been developed to inform and support sustainable sport and recreation provision across the Shire. The HSSR details the role and nature of sport and recreation activity and seeks to address primary challenges and opportunities associated with community participation, asset planning and governance.

The report has been developed from:

  • Background strategy and data analysis;
  • Community and stakeholder consultation;
  • Community and association surveys;
  • Discussion with Hindmarsh Shire Councillors and personnel; and
  • Review of current and future projects and development plans.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2012(PDF, 12MB)

The Hindmarsh Shire Council Climate Change Adaptation study focused on the assessment of climate change on the Shire’s built, economic, social and environmental infrastructure resulting in four plans being established:

  • Hindmarsh Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  • Township Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Integrated Water Management Plan
  • Economic Development Position Paper

Long term planning for the impacts of a changing climate, reduced water availability and extreme weather events are vital to ensure the viability and sustainability of the communities within Hindmarsh Shire and the broader region. The issues raised and addressed in these plans have been drawn from residents of the broader Hindmarsh community, specific stakeholders and consultative groups. Outcomes derived from the plans will ensure that Hindmarsh Shire is well positioned to manage a changing climate.

Gender Equality Action Plan