Community Action Grants and Business Assistance Grants Program

Published on 02 July 2024

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Round One of the Hindmarsh Shire Council Community Action Grants and Business Assistance Grants Programs will be open from Friday 05 July 2024 until 5:00pm Friday 09 August 2024.

Application documents, guidelines, and all other necessary information will be available on the Hindmarsh Shire Council website and can either be downloaded or completed online at

Community Action Grants
Since its establishment in 2013 the Community Action Grants Program has assisted community groups and non-profit organisations in hosting community events, purchasing necessary equipment, and upgrading facilities.

The application process has been assessed and amendments made to the 2024/2025 program to enable easier accessibility for applicants. 


Round 1 Closing Date

Community Assistance

 5:00pm Friday 09 August 2024 

Event Sponsorship

Small Equipment

Council Meeting Date

28 August 2024







Applicants are encouraged to review the updated Guideline as changes have been made to the funding program.

Business Assistance Grants
Since the establishment of the program in 2016, Business Assistance Grants have supported businesses in generating new employment opportunities, supporting existing businesses to grow and to attract new business to the shire.

The first category, “Business Development” will assist existing businesses to undertake small projects or initiatives to a value of up to $2,000 with a contribution from the business of $1 to $2 from the Council grant.  Initiatives could include staff recruitment, business planning, or obtaining building, planning and health permits for business development projects.

The second category “Streetscapes”, aims to assist existing businesses to undertake any streetscape improvements to a value of up to $3,000.  Business must match $1 to every $2 of Council grant. 

For more information, please contact our grants team, on 03 5391 4444 or email

Monica Revell
Chief Executive Officer