Our Councillors

Meet our local councillors of Hindmarsh.

North Ward

Cr Ron Ismay

Cr Ron Ismay, Mayor (North Ward)

Ron is a lifelong resident, businessman, and active community member of Rainbow. Ron is the owner and operator of a hardware store in Rainbow opened by his Grandfather 92 years ago. Ron has been CFA captain, Town Committee chair, Councillor and Shire President in the old Dimboola Shire, School Council President, and has spent over 20 years on the board of the local health service. Ron’s particular interests include tourism, business development and health.

M: 0429 951 094 E: rismay@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au



 Cr Ron Lowe, Deputy Mayor (North Ward)

Cr. Ron Lowe has lived all his life in what is now the North Ward of Hindmarsh Shire, growing up in the Propodollah area and later establishing his own family on his Lorquon property. Ron is in his third term as councillor. He has been secretary of the Lorquon Fire Brigade, and is currently secretary of the Lorquon Hall and Lorquon Cemetery Trust. Ron's particular interests are in cultural heritage, tourism and the environment.

M: 0427 318 067 E: rlowe@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au

West Ward

Cr David Colbert (West Ward)

David is serving his second term as a Councillor for Hindmarsh Shire Council. David has been a Councillor previously, holding the position with both Hindmarsh Shire Council and the Lowan Shire Council prior to amalgamations. 

M:  0459 034 233  E: dcolbert@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au


Cr Rob Gersch (West Ward)

Rob has been a lifelong resident of Hindmarsh Shire, and owned and operated businesses in a number of industries, including retail and hospitality. Rob has been a Councillor in the previous Lowan Shire and Hindmarsh Shire for 30 years. Rob is currently Chair of Rural Councils Victoria. He is passionate about rural and regional development and maintaining a strong voice for rural issues. Rob’s particular interests include political advocacy, economic development, sport and recreation, and emergency management.

M: 0427 600 122 E: rgersch@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au


East Ward

 Cr Tony Schneider (East Ward)

Tony was born and educated in Dimboola and has always lived in the local district. An employee of Horsham Rural City Council for 30 years, he has always been interested in local government. Tony is in his second term as Councillor and has a particular interest in the development of natural, cultural and heritage assets, health care, town beautification and supporting small community groups to remain sustainable.

M: 0459 035 917 E: tschneider@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au


Cr Debra Nelson (East Ward)

Debra moved to Dimboola over 15 years ago, and is a second term Councillor. Debra works in the financial services industry, and is an active community member, as a member of the Dimboola Town Committee, Allambi Committee of Management, and holds a voluntary position of Secretary of the Dimboola Cemetery Trust.

Debra is particularly interested in finance, aged care, and town beautification.

M: 0459 021 802 E: dnelson@hindmarsh.vic.gov.au