Eftpos is available at any transfer station

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Rubbish Collection

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Public Holiday Collections

Damaged Stolen or Uncollected Bins

Bin Fees and Charges

Transfer Station Hours

Transfer Station Hours During COVID-19

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Rubbish Collection

Council provides a weekly kerbside collection of household waste and fortnightly collection of recyclable materials in various areas across our Shire.

Kerbside collections from properties are conducted:

Nhill Tuesday
Dimboola Monday
Rainbow Monday
Jeparit Monday

Central collection points are also provided in the following areas:


Monday Dimboola Rainbow Road, by the mailboxes opposite the shop, Antwerp

Monday Dimboola Rainbow Road, by the mailboxes opposite the shop, Antwerp

Tuesday Recycling bins are collected on the corner of School Street and Netherby-Baker Road. The garbage collection loop is School Street to Church Street then the truck  turns right into Memorial Park Drive and left into Warraquil Road.

Dimboola Rainbow Road, Tarranyurk

Tuesday Recycling bins are collected in Maude Street, Yanac.  Garbage bins are collected from the Nhill Yanac Road in Yanac.

Gerang Gerung
Garbage collection only -outside the Gerang Hall on the Gerang-Glenlee Road.

Several on-route rural collections are also available. To arrange an on-route rural collection please contact our Customer Service team on 5391 4444

Area On-route Collection Days

Dimboola-Rainbow Road Monday  
Gerang-Glenlee Road Thursday  
Lorquon-Netherby Road Thursday From Pipkorn’s corner to the Woorak Road
Nhill-Jeparit Road Tuesday Only as far as Glenlee
Nhill-Netherby Road Tuesday  
Nhill-Rainbow Road Thursday From Woorak, via back of Lake Hindmarsh to Rainbow
Nhill-Yanac Road Tuesday  
Western Highway-Dimboola to Nhill Monday  
Western Highway-Nhill to West Wimmera Shire border Wednesday  
Yanac-Netherby Road (via Baker) Tuesday  

Recycling collection services operate fortnightly. Click here to see your collection schedule.

E-Waste Information

As of 01 July 2019, the Victorian Government is banning all electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills in Victoria. This means that no e-waste will be accepted in any bin – instead, it must be delivered to an approved drop off point.

What is e-waste?

The term 'e-waste' refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. This includes:

  • household items such as fridges, kettles, electric toothbrushes and hair dryers;
  • IT and TV equipment like tablets, laptops and cords;
  • Lighting items like LED's and fluorescent lamps;
  • Electrical and electronic tools such as electric lawnmowers or electric drills;
  • Toys and leisure equipment like remote control race cars, musical equipment or computerised toys;
  • Other types of waste such as medical devices or thermostats.

Why the change?

E-waste contains valuable resources that we can reuse, along with other materials that are bad for the environment. Instead of putting it in the bin, sending it to landfill and causing environmental damage, sending e-waste to an approved drop off point means that materials can be recovered and reused, and not wasted away in a landfill environment. By doing this, we can remove the bad and save the good – all to create a healthier environment and a stronger economy.

Over 1 million mobile phones are discarded in Australia every year – if all were properly recovered, we could reuse up to 16 tonnes of copper, 350 kilograms of silver and 34 kilograms of gold!

Where is my closest approved drop off point?

All of Council's Transfer Stations are approved drop off points for e-waste - please see locations and fees below. Alternatively, you can return old mobile phones and chargers to the MobileMuster drop off point in the Nhill Office at 92 Nelson Street, Nhill.

Public Holiday Collections

There will be no collection of waste or recycling on Good Friday or Christmas Day. Please check back for more details closer to the date or your local paper or you can contact Council on 03 5391 4444 or Wimmera Mallee Waste on 03 5395 1377 for advice on when your collection will occur.

All collections remain the same on all other Public Holidays.

Damaged or Stolen Bins and Uncollected Bins

If your bin is stolen or damaged, or has not been collected please contact our customer service team on 03 5391 4444 to arrange for collection or purchase of a replacement bin. Rubbish and recycling bins are owned by the property owner. We encourage you to mark your bins with your name or house number to discourage bin theft. 


If your bin or bin lid is lost, broken or damaged you can call our Customer Service Team on (03) 5391 4444 to arrange a replacement. 

For bin lid replacements

  • Make note of whether it's a clip or pin attachment (see photos)
  • Make note of whether the bin is 120L (small) or 240L (large)
  • Make note of whether it's a Garbage (red) or Recycling (yellow) lid
For bin replacements
  • Make note of whether the bin is Recycling or Garbage
  • Make note of whether the bin is 120L or 240L

To purchase a replacement bin or lid contact our Customer Service team on (03) 5391 4444.

Bin Fees and Charges

The standard waste service for Hindmarsh residents includes a 120 litre garbage bin for general waste and a 240 litre bin for recycling materials.

Additional bins may be obtained for an annual fee.

Replacement Fees
120 litre bin $75
240 litre recycle or rubbish bin $95

Waste collection service charges will appear on your annual rates notice, for more information about how the waste charge is calculated go to our rates page.

Garbage and recycling services are currently contracted out to Wimmera Mallee Waste

Please contact Wimmera Mallee waste if you have any collection enquiries.
Ph: (03) 5395 1377.

Transfer Station Hours

Eftpos is available at any transfer station

On days of total fire ban the below operating hours for all transfer stations will change to 8:00am -11:00am on the days the transfer station is normally open.

All transfer stations are closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day Public Holidays.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 2pm- 5pm
Tuesday & Thursday - Closed
Saturday - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Sunday - 1pm - 4pm
Located on the Nhill-Netherby Road, Nhill opposite the Golf Course.

Monday & Friday - 1.30pm- 4.30pm
Tuesday & Thursday - Closed
Wednesday - 9.30am - 12.30pm
Saturday - 10am - 1pm
Sunday- 12.30pm - 3.30pm
Located along High Street, Dimboola Warracknabeal Road, west of the Western Hwy, Dimboola
Rainbow Monday - 1pm - 4pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday- Closed
Friday - 2pm- 5pm
Sunday - 9am - 12pm
Located just off the Nhill Rainbow Road.  Alternatively the Transfer Station can be accessed via an earth formed road (suitable for dry weather only) off Rainbow Rises Road.
Jeparit Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday - Closed
Tuesday - 10:00am-1:00pm
Thursday - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Sunday- 10:30am - 1:30pm
Located on Jeparit East Road, Jeparit


Transfer Station Hours During COVID-19

Open within normal operating hours. Please only visit the transfer station if it is absolutely necessary. This service is only available to residents and ratepayers within the Hindmarsh Shire. Non-residents may be refused service at the discretion of the attendant. Proof of residency may be required if requested by attendants.

Strict guidelines regarding health recommendations will apply at all transfer stations to protect our staff and the public. A safe social distance of 1.5 metres is required at all times, and customers are to remain in their vehicles at the main entrance until loads have been inspected.

Contactless payment via EFTPOS is preferred, however payment via cash is still available at any transfer station.

Please avoid unnecessary visits to the transfer station, as these measures are vital to the continuation of this service. Visitors to the transfer stations must wear a mask.

Transfer Station Fees 2020-2021

Eftpos is available at any transfer station

Unsorted recyclables, general waste and hard plastic

Car boot  $12.00
6 x 4 Trailer / Ute-Level   $32.00
6 x 4 Trailer / Ute-Heaped $60.00
Tandem Trailer / Light Truck-Level $86.00
Tandem Trailer / Light Truck-Heaped $163.00
Builder’s Waste-Clean Sorted-Per m3 $73.00
Builder’s Waste Non-Sorted-Per m3 $177.00
Concrete Non-Sorted-Per Tonne $125.00
Concrete Clean Sorted-Per Tonne  $36.00
Heavy Truck Loads  NOT ACCEPTED
Mattresses (Double or Larger) $50.00
Mattresses (Single) $25.00
Asbestos  $2.00 per kilogram

Sorted Recyclables  

Newspapers, Cardboard, Bottles, Cans etc. FREE


Car and Motorcycle $9.00
Light Commercial $25.00
Truck - Standard    $76.00
Tractor - under 2 metres high $135.00 
Tractor - over 2 metres high $275.00

Car Bodies/Scrap Steel

Car Bodies / scrap steel FREE

Green Waste and Timber

Car boot $6.00
6 x 4 Trailer / Ute-Level  $12.00
6 x 4 Trailer / Ute-Heaped     $15.00
Tandem Trailer / Light Truck-Level $22.00
Tandem Trailer / Light Truck-Heaped $30.00
Heavy Truck Load $57.00


E-Waste - non compliant $2.00 per kilogram
E-Waste - compliant $1.00 per kilogram


Small Item eg: Chair etc. $10.00 per unit
Medium Item eg: Bed, Dressing table etc. $36.00 per unit
Large Item eg: Couch, Wardrobe etc. $100.00 per unit


Transfer Station Vouchers

Hindmarsh Shire Transfer Stations’ voucher system is continuing this financial year, so keep collecting your receipts!

Once you have collected 4 receipts, present to any Customer Service Centre to receive a voucher! 

The value of your voucher will equate to the average amount of the four receipts. Add all your vouchers together and divide by 4 to know what your voucher is worth. 

For example 4 X $5 vouchers = $20

$20 divided by 4 = $5.  So you will receive a $5 voucher!

Vouchers are not transferrable or refundable, and they are single use only.

Vouchers are only for private and individual claims, and businesses/organisations are not eligible to participate in this system.



In line with Victorian Government requirements, as of 6pm Friday 29 October 2021, community members will need to show proof of double vaccination to access Councils community facilities including swimming pools, Nhill Memorial Community Centre, community halls and Hindmarsh Shire Libraries in Dimboola, Jeparit, Nhill and Rainbow. You can do this via the Services Victoria app or with a printed Vaccination Certificate and photo ID.
Children under 16, or those with an approved medical exemption, will still be able to access services.
To assist our community who are unable to access library services, in person, click and collect services are available along with e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines. Telephone your local Hindmarsh Shire Libraries branch to organise click and collect.
At this stage, Council’s Customer Service Centre in Nhill does not require customers to be double vaccinated. Community members needing access to customer services in person, can attend the Nhill Customer Service Centre at 92 Nelson Street, Nhill. Online services are available on our website or telephone 03 5391 4444 for assistance over the telephone.

Updated 3/11/2021