FReeZA is an innovative youth development program funded by the Victorian Government that enables young people between the ages of 12 and 25 to plan and attend a diverse range of quality music and cultural events in their local community.

The Hindmarsh Shire FReeZA program is led by the Youth Council and is based on a Youth Participation Model.

To find out more about the FReeZA events that are coming up - visit out Events page!


Engage! grants providing funding for community organisations and local governments to deliver a range of activities and projects that meet the individual goals and aspirations of young Victorians aged 12 to 25.

Activities may include leading a project, learning new skills to support transition to adult life, connecting with peers and trusted adults or showcasing young people's skills and talents within their local community.

Activities must be delivered across the following three categories - 

Category 1: Youth Engagement and Participation – promote the voices of young people and participation in decision making

Category 2: Youth Development – activities that support young people to develop new skills through training, mentoring or volunteering

Category 3: Youth Celebration – activities that showcase and recognise young people’s contribution to the community.

FRRR ABC Heywire Podcast

Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council have been successful in their funding application for the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) Heywire Grant for a mental health podcast project. 

The 2021 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council came up with the idea of a podcast where they will conduct interviews and have conversations with professionals around mental health, bullying, body image, self-care and a number of other topics that they have identified. The objective of the podcast is to facilitate healthy conversations, answer critical questions young people have around mental health, provide access to expert knowledge and to provide an opportunity for youth participation and empowerment in an exciting and important project.

Already, young people have been working hard to identify topics and talking points that are relevant, as well as planning how they will deliver the podcast program. As we move into next year, the youth team will be looking into practical podcast training for those involved, as well as making sure that our Youth Councillors are prepared and supported in talking about mental health.

Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council will also be working with local organisations – including West Wimmera Health Service, Headspace Horsham, Centre for Multicultural Youth and our local schools - to support young people putting this podcast together.

This is a community project, and we’ll be working hard to make sure young people are taking the lead! Hindmarsh Shire Council encourages the community to keep an eye out on Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council social media for how the project is progressing and how they can get involved.

VicHealth Local Government Partnership

Hindmarsh Shire Council has recently been accepted to become part of VicHealth's Local Government Partnership, an initiative with the community and young people’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of all decision-making.

The VicHealth Local Government Partnership aims to set young people up for their best possible future by creating communities where children and youth grow up active, socially connected and healthy.  This partnership will amplify their voices, ideas and experiences to create a healthier future.

By offering meaningful opportunities where their voices can be heard, we can inspire more creative local solutions for greater impact. This work will be supporting those who need it most – communities who already face greater barriers to reaching their full health. 

Over the coming years, Hindmarsh Shire Council will work with VicHealth in a strategic and equitable way through evidence-based health promotion modules and communities of practice. By partnering in this way, we will see stronger and long-lasting outcomes for more individuals.

Specifically, Hindmarsh Shire Council’s program, “Creating Health Habits for Youth” will focus on implementing two modules:

  1. Creating connected and supportive communities; and
  2. Building active communities. 

The Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council will work particularly close with this initiative, ensuring there is a youth focus and input to all module implementation – our 2023 Youth Councillors will continue to be the voice for young people in the Hindmarsh Shire and ensure issues relating to health and wellbeing are addressed with regards to the current needs of young people.

Hindmarsh Shire Council is eager to get moving on this newest initiative and can’t wait to begin implementing the above modules.

Hindmarsh Shire Council Mayor, Cr Brett Ireland said, “partnering with VicHealth is an exciting project for Hindmarsh children and youth.” He continued “we look forward to seeing the 2023 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council voices, and outcomes that can be achieved to create futures where our children and youth grow up active, socially connected and healthy.”

For more information, please contact Georgia Gelligen, Community Development and Youth Officer on 03 5391 4444, or email

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