2024 Council Elections

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Next Election

The next Victorian local council election will be held in October 2024.

Click here for information on enrolling to vote as a ratepayer in Hindmarsh Shire Council.

Running for Council in Hindmarsh(PDF, 16MB)


Who can vote in the 2024 Victorian local council elections?

State enrolled voters

If you are on the state roll you are automatically enrolled to vote in the 2024 council elections for your enrolled address (where you live).

Owner ratepayers

Up to 2 people per property can apply to vote if:

  1. You pay council rates on your home but you are not an Australian citizen
  2. You own a property in a municipality that you don’t live in full time e.g. holiday home, investment property or business property

Occupier ratepayers

Up to 2 people per property can apply to vote if you rent a property and pay rates to council, and you are not on the state roll in that municipality e.g.  you operate a business out of a commercial property.

Must reapply at every general council election.


Corporations that pay rates may be able to appoint one representative to vote. Call the council for further information.

Must reapply at every general council election.

Resources for voters

The Victorian Electoral Commission website can be accessed for information on voting and enrolling to vote.

Victorian Electoral Commission Website

Resources for Candidates

The Victorian Electoral Commission website and the State Government Local Government Victoria website will be progressively updated in the lead up to the next election.

Hindmarsh Shire is committed to encouraging diversity in people nominating for and being elected to Council. Third-party resources which may support this include:

Equality & diversity | Vic Councils

Women Leading Locally (localgovernment.vic.gov.au)

Respresent: A handbook for culturally diverse Victorians considering running for local government | VLGA | Victorian Local Governance Association

Victorian Local Government Elections 2020 - YouTube

Your Community, Country and Council - YouTube

Council Elections 2024 | Vic Councils

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