Youth Councillors

2023 Youth Council

The Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council provides an opportunity for young people to participate in making their community a better place to live. Youth Councillors meet to discuss issues that are important to youth within Hindmarsh Shire and also facilitate the staging of events and activities for young people throughout the Shire.

The Youth Council is driven by young people to benefit young people. With support from Hindmarsh Shire Council and its staff, the Youth Council are able to deliver events such as pool parties, live music, movie nights and other activities. The Youth Council may also tackle important social issues and develop initiatives to raise awareness of issues such as mental health, climate change and gender diversity and equality. Youth Councillors have the opportunity to advise Hindmarsh Shire Council on what is important to the youth in each of our communities.

Youth Council provides its membership with many learning opportunities and helps to develop leadership, public speaking and project management skills whilst also building their confidence and resilience. 

Our Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council Mentors are past Youth Councillors who have served a minimum of two terms as a Youth Councillor, and are prepared to guide and aid our current Youth Councillors to achieve all planning, initiatives, events and all other things in store for this year's Youth Council.

Meet your 2023 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Councillors

  • Marcel Badua
  • Tarah Bond
  • Liam Campbell
  • Sally Smith
  • Amelie Fuller
  • Eliza Clarke
  • Breanna Francis
  • Cooper Stasinowsky
  • Bailee White
  • Messi Ehdohpaw
  • Hanna Cannell

Meet your 2023 Hindmarsh Shire Youth Council Mentors

  • Alissa Trenery
  • Alexis Bone 


If you ever have any questions relating to Youth Council or youth related activities in Hindmarsh, contact our Youth Officer Nan Da San Bleh Dah on 03 5391 4444 or email