Apply for a Building Permit

Whether you’re just starting out as an owner builder or whether you are a large construction or design firm, we can help you achieve your building goals. Applications can be lodged online, but please read through the following three sections to ensure you understand the process and have prepared all appropriate information.

Preparing Your Application

When lodging your application, you will require the following:

  • Completed Application Form;(PDF, 496KB)
  • Recent Certificate of Title;
  • Completed Owner Builder Consent Form if the cost of works is greater than $16,000 and you intend to carry out the works yourself;
  • Domestic builders warranty insurance certificate for projects with a cost of works greater than $16,000 (N/A for owner builders);
  • Copies of a site plan, to a scale of not less than 1:100, that shows the location of the proposed building, any existing buildings or features, the property boundaries, any buildings on adjoining properties and any streets, footpaths or crossings adjoining the property, along with the intended location for stormwater discharge;
  • Copies of structural drawings;
  • Copies of elevation drawings;
  • Copies of a floorplan showing downpipe positions
  • Copies of specifications for the structure, and;
  • The application fee as advised.

The amount of information required to accompany a building permit application varies from project to project. Council may request that more information be provided in order to complete a full application assessment.

Lodge Your Application

Council welcomes applications via email, over the counter or posted. You can also lodge your applications online through our online portal. Your application will be assessed, and the building department will contact you if more information is required.

Receiving Your Permit

Should your permit be approved, you will receive your building permit via email. Your permit will include your approved plans, and will likely contain building conditions, which you must adhere to.

Lodge and track applications online:

Fast track and monitor your application throughout the process, upload relevant documentation and plans, respond to further information requests, track multiple applications at once and ongoing access to approved permits and documentation is provided.

A Building Surveyor is responsible for issuing a Building Permit at the commencement of a building project.  The surveyor should be engaged at the very start of the process, and can advise on documentation necessary to obtain the Permit.

After the Building Permit is issued, the building surveyor will carry out a series of inspections at different stages throughout the project to ensure that the building work meets minimum standards.